Pekerjaan yang dapat kami lakukan diantaranya :

1. Diesel Engine Overhoul
2. A Float / Voyage Repairs & General Repairs
3. Special Repair Turbocharger
4. Recondition of Engine Parts

  • Cast Iron Welding Component
    -Cylinder Head
    -Turbo Casing
    -Pump Casing
    -Engine Block
    -Bed Plate
  • Stellite Welding Component
    -Exhaust Valve Spindle
    -Exhaust Valve Case
    -Intake Valve Spindle
    -Valve Seat
  • Recondition Component
    -Pin Piston
    -Con Road
  • TIG Welding
    -Spare Part Mesin Industri
    -Dan Lain-lain

5. Grinding Crankshaft In-Situ / Workshop
6. In-Situ Machining / Line Boring / Laser Alignment
7. Centrifugal Rebbabiting of Bearing / Stern Tubes
8. Overhoul of Feul Valve, Nozzles, Feul Pump
9. Dynamic Balancing
10. Air Conditioning / Systen Pendingin
11. Spare Parts Supply